Follow-up of the health situation in the region

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية المنجزة في إطار البرنامج الخصوصي للسكن الإجتماعي بولاية المنستير في جزئه المتكون من عدد 11 مسكن فردي بمعتمدية جمال و عدد 65 مسكن جماعي بمعتمدية الساحلين

بقية التفاصيل

Follow-up of the health situation in the region

Follow-up of the health situation in the region within the framework of the periodic follow-up to the health situation in the state of Monastir, the first authorized Mr.The meeting comes within the framework of following up on the regional and national campaign to vaccinate against the Corona virus

and working to raise the pace of the vaccination process and the number of vaccinators, especially with the spread of the new boom called “Omicron” in a number of countries of the world and in preparation for the implementation of Presidential Decree No. 01 For the year 2021 related to the permissibility of vaccination against the “SARS Cove-2” virus and the activation of its approval starting on December 22, 2021. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the various stakeholders in the regional campaigns for vaccination, which resulted in a decrease in the number of people infected with the virus to 48 cases in the last two weeks to the date of November 28, 2021, referring to the joint campaign of Civil and Military Health to vaccinate against Covid 19, which benefited the citizens of 05 delegations, bringing the number of vaccinators to 4,903 Contributed to reaching a vaccination coverage rate of 63.31% of people aged 15 years and over. The age group is less than 15 years old, as it is the most likely source of transmission of infection to the rest of the age groups that witness a reluctance to vaccinate, as the vaccination rate for the 15-year-old group represents 15% of the total students invited for vaccination. The First Commissioner also recommended continuing the procedures regarding the prevention of the virus by applying the health protocol, intensifying vaccination campaigns, restoring the Covid pathways in hospitals, and raising their preparedness, including medical and paramedical frameworks and volunteers. He also stressed the importance of the role of the civil society in continuing its efforts to prevent The virus, in coordination with the regional and local authorities and the health authority