Extraordinary meeting of the regional committee for disaster prevention, response and emergency organization

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية

بلاغ إتمام عملية إسناد المساكن الإجتماعية المنجزة في إطار البرنامج الخصوصي للسكن الإجتماعي بولاية المنستير في جزئه المتكون من عدد 11 مسكن فردي بمعتمدية جمال و عدد 65 مسكن جماعي بمعتمدية الساحلين

بقية التفاصيل

Extraordinary meeting of the regional committee for disaster prevention, response and emergency organization

It was decided this evening, Saturday, June 26, 2021 at the seat of the state, during the extraordinary meeting of the regional committee for the prevention and intervention in the event of disasters and the organization of the rescue, held under the tutelage of the governor.

of Monastir Akram Al-Sebri and in the presence of the first authorized Tariq Al-Bakoush

and t the presence of representatives of regional administrations, members of the regional scientific committee and representatives of national organizations, to maintain the same decisions previously announced while strengthening the strict control of compliance with health protocols and the commitment to their application to limit the spread of. Corona virus infection.
The governor of Monastir and the members of the Regional Committee for Disaster Prevention, Control and Relief Organization stressed the importance of monitoring compliance with health protocols and the commitment to implement the measures adopted to limit the spread. Corona virus while attacking offenders. , as well as to organize awareness campaigns and raise awareness of the importance of wearing a mask and respecting the distance as well as the importance of continuing to register in the vaccination system and the desire to receive the dose of vaccine to ensure the survival of this pandemic.
The members of the regional committee for disaster prevention and response and organization of relief have focused on continuing to work with the same procedures and decisions announced previously, while maintaining the permanent session of the regional committee and careful monitoring. and daily of the epidemiological situation of the region, on the advice of the regional scientific committee of Monastir, whose members stressed that the rate of spread of the infection by the Corona virus is on the rise and for caution and calls for follow-up, but it is not very dangerous, since the capacity of the hospitals has not reached its maximum capacity, in addition to the fact that the death rate has not exceeded the rate of one death per day and throughout the last week.
Members of the Monastir regional scientific committee have also confirmed that the increase in the statistics of cases of Corona virus infection in recent days is due to the increase in the number of daily analyzes which have revealed active cases, as in the same context a campaign of inquiry has been programmed in the delegations of Sahelin and Al-Baqala tomorrow Sunday June 27 with the programming of a campaign of inquiry in the delegation of Jamal during the next week.
Members of the Regional Scientific Committee explained that the figures announced by the National Committee of 400 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants remain benchmarks, stressing the need to respect health protocols and the obligation of citizens to wear masks, d 'Ensuring physical distancing, preventing public or private gatherings, and turning to people for vaccination is the best way to break the infection pattern without adopting full or targeted quarantine.
We recall the most important procedures and decisions previously announced:

Announcement of the ten o'clock in the evening to five o'clock in the morning curfew.
Ban on organizing public or private parties and weddings
Closure of Moorish baths and wedding rooms
Prohibition of all types of travel (leisure - cultural - reconnaissance and camping) to and from the state of Monastir
Suspension of various activities, cultural and scientific events and festival
Mandatory to wear masks in all departments, large commercial spaces, hospitals, private clinics and all public and private transport
Ban on condolence processions and funerals in cemeteries
Tighten the control of compliance with health protocols for shops open to the public, while limiting them to cafes and restaurants to 30% in closed spaces and 50% in open spaces.